2023 Partners


Avance Biosciences

Exhibition Partner

Avance Biosciences is a leading CRO/CTL providing GLP & GMP-compliant assay development, assay validation, and sample testing services to support biological drug development and manufacturing activities world-wide. We work with many clients across multiple modalities for potency assay development, method transfer, validation and sample testing. In addition we can support long term stability studies with potency testing and compendial assay testing for pH, sterility, mycoplasma, endotoxin, appearance and others. Our platforms include flow cytometry, ELISA, MSD-ECLA, ddPCR, qPCR, NGS and cell-based assays.


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Exhibition Partner

Nicoya is a Canadian biotechnology company specializing in innovative biosensor technology for the biopharmaceutical and academic sectors. In their mission to improve human life, Nicoya provides scientists with integrated and intuitive SPR solutions that accelerate discovery and characterization of biologics. Nicoya’s benchtop instruments are now enabling hundreds of scientists in over 50 countries with best-in-class data for their lifechanging research.



Broken String Biosciences

Event Partner

Broken String Bioscience’s technology platform, INDUCE-seq, supports the development of cell and gene therapies that are safer by design.  INDUCE-seq™, is an NGS-based DNA break mapping platform that enables companies developing cell and gene therapies to measure and quantify the specificity of off-target genetic edits and evaluate the associated genetic outcomes. The platform provides data-driven, actionable insights across the discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development stages to advance gene editing programs.



Mission Bio

Event Partner

Mission Bio helps you unravel the inherent complexity of cancer and accelerate your advanced therapy development with its Tapestri Platform, powered by single-cell multiomics. Discover how Tapestri enables accurate characterization of your cell and gene therapy candidates for safer and more effective therapeutic strategies. We partner with pharma and biopharma companies across advanced therapy development programs to implement proven single-cell multi-omics capabilities into discovery, translational, and clinical research efforts.