The Industry’s Only Meeting Dedicated to Improving Genome Editing Analytical Development

As the gene editing field continues to grow, analytical teams continue to strive towards gold standards for analytical technologies and assays.

By fostering a collaborative approach to this challenge, this year’s summit will present you with the latest insights and strategic direction from industry leaders, helping you overcome the following three key challenges facing your early- and late- stage analytical, and quality control strategies:

Characterization of guides, nucleases, and full drug constructs

Robust non-clinical and CMC assay development, including biodistribution studies, potency assays, and on-/off- target sequencing detection, nomination, and prediction

Meeting regulatory expectations for analytical data to successfully support IND submissions

Leverage the latest data and technological advancements, engage in co-operative roundtables led by topic key opinion leaders, and build connections with industry thought leaders, with presenting groups from the likes of Beam Therapeutics, Editas Medicine, NIST, Prime Medicine, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

Join over 50 of your peers for a one-stop shop in the latest analytical development expertise, bolstering the safety, efficacy, and regulatory compliance of your gene editing programs.

Who Will You Meet?

The 2nd CRISPR-Based Therapy Analytical Development Summit is dedicated to enhancing the quality and diversity of analytical tools for genome editing therapies, attracting a niche audience of industry analytical experts to ignite thought-provoking discussions that lead to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships in a rapidly evolving field.

This is the only industry-led event dedicated to covering all challenges associated with analytical development specifically for drug developers. Uniting 50+ Analytical Development, Analytical Sciences, Bioassay, Process Development, Quality Control, and Business Development leaders, this summit will combine both strategic and technical content to provide actional insights for assay developers working across all drug development stages.